How youth should behave

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How youth should behave

A How youth should behave conference put on by the newly formed Urantia Communities of the Northwest. It was truly an amazing event, to say the least, but it was missing youth participation.

So where are the young people? They are all around us everyday. Well, unfortunately they seem to be in shockingly short supply. The open minded cultural movement of love and self discovery of those times was the perfect soil for the revelation to grow and an amazing number of people including many young became readers in a short period of time.

The UB tells us: As mind reaches out into the future, it is attempting to evaluate the future significance of possible action. And having thus reckoned with both experience and wisdom, the human will exercises judgment-decision in the present, and the plan of action thus born of the past and the future becomes existent.

My understanding of this problem has developed out of my life experiences. Therefore, I feel my experiences have given me an understanding of my generation that few share. The break up of the Foundation and the Brotherhood, the Fall of Vern Grimsly, and the growth of the teaching mission.

All of these events had incredible effects on the Urantia community of those days, and continue to influence us today. The events of those times should not be taken lightly.

Not that they need to be dug up but that they need to be acknowledged if we desire to have a honest conversation about our history and where we find our movement in and going forward.

These events had a devastating effect on our community for a few specific reasons. One, they started a culture of separation. That groups of us had separate missions while studying the same exact teachings. Two, they caused incredible disappointment. When you have such strong leadership, that you place so much expectation on, the let down is significant if they falter.

The desire to support new leaders and trust in strong leadership has been largely lost in our community. Third, in my opinion, we have not yet figured out what our primary mission is as kingdom believers. Well when I say Buddhist you instantly have a clear image of what being Buddhist means right?

That is how we come across to observers.

How youth should behave

That is not to say these readers are not living these teachings in their daily lives or are kind and beautiful people. We know they are.

Because that is what we primarily do. People, especially young, want to be part of something. Not something deep and complex but something tangible, fulfilling, and now!

Being part of a book club is not very exciting.

What is Education?

Though it might have some spiritual fulfilment, once you get deep enough, it is not enough to attract but a few. Here is my idea for moving forward and discovering who we are as a movement. It is a fact that the 5th Epochal Revelation does not in fact tell us to study and know the papers of the Urantia Book.UCLA Recreation Youth Programs offers a wide variety of summer camps for children in grades K– Located at UCLA, the camps emphasize each child's needs and personal development within a .

(12) Let no man despise thy youthIf Timothy desired that his teaching should be listened to with respectful earnest attention, if he hoped to use a holy influence over the flock, let him be very careful that his comparative youth prove no stumbling-block.

Becoming a lawyer is an enormous undertaking. It will take three years of your time, a lot of commitment and a huge financial investment. But, even after all this, . Youth Topics to Think About.

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What is Education? By Captain Bob Webb A burning desire to learn is the key to a fulfilling lifestyle. It’s something school rarely inspires. The youth won’t be much interested unless we can show how the UB relates to the current situation on earth. Simply doing “bible study” type UB groups will turn the youth off, because it’s too much like Sunday School, which they loathe.

All young people need comprehensive sexual health education, while others also need sexual health services. Youth at disproportionate risk for sexual health disparities may also need targeted interventions designed specifically to build self efficacy and agency.

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